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Video development

All our video development takes place inside the studio

 The approach we use for video production stems from studying techniques currently in use by some of the top film and tv production studios across the world - and developing ways of bringing the cost down enough to make it affordable to the developing artist. 

We don't shoot on location. All our video production is carried out in our studios in Chesterfield.   

We build our sets using digital technology in 3d , using similar techniques to those seen today in films , T.V. , video games and 3d printing.  

The benefits of this approach are huge. For example , unlike traditional lighting techniques - the lighting from the above helicopters on snow scene was produced by entering into our system the earth co-ordinates  Longitude 4.4667 ; Latitude  50.7667 , date & time 7am on 1st March . (Ie we found Hoeilaart in Belgium , at 7am on the 1st March had the light we were looking for ) .  

Working in reverse , if you wanted to have your video look like it was shot in Africa (for example) , all we would need to do is enter in the co-ordinates for your chosen area and shoot it using either a particular set we may already have - or we could build one for you.  For example , if you wanted a nice sunset scene we could select the particular area , time and month in the year that you are looking for and use that to light the set .

If you would like more clouds , that can be arranged too. 

Before a singer or actor features in a scene , we usually call on the assistance of a key member of our team to test out the shot to see how you would look. He may not be Human , but he's invaluable when setting up a shot and it saves on shooting and set up time. His name is Pete.

He doesn't normally get to star in our shots , but we've included a shot of him from a few years ago below - when we were working on a space scene - along with a few other sets we have been working on. 

(Of course , if you'd prefer not to use these techniques , our "real world" studio works for more traditional video production as well and we can arrange to work with a straight forward backdrop. Several options will be available which we will add to this website nearer our opening time ) .


He may not be human , but he's a very important member of the team.

Available for shots inside & out & in different colour schemes.

One of our largest city sets - probably around 30 blocks or so.