Our private jet designed & built in Chesterfield

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Available for shots inside & out & in different colour schemes.

This actually took us about 4 years to build. We wanted a jet that was original. So we set out to design one from scratch . There were probably about 7 or 8 protypes built before we came up with a design we were happy with.

We opted for mainly digital control panels in the cockpit , but with some classic buttons because they looked so kool.

I think we could have done a simpler job on the door mechanism. Maybe we got a bit carried away there.

Because we were faced with many of the problems from the "real" world , we had to solve issues like the floor , and leaving enough space for the wheels to retract.

But its finished and its as unique as we could make it.

It's currently got a curved wide screen tv in it - but we may switch back to a flat one just because we believe it would be easier to work with for filming.